Tips To Take Care Of The Newborn For Initial 10 Days After Birth

Tips For Your Newborn Baby For Initial 10 Days Of Birth

Taking care of your newborn baby is something which can make you feel nervous and tensed. This happens to every new parent who is being parents for the first time in their lives. Right after the arrival of the baby is the most crucial time. You have to be super careful especially for first 10 days. From bathing to feeding, you have to do everything gently. Do not take the responsibility alone, always involve your partner into it. Your body is still recovering so you also need some mandatory amount of rest. But do not worry! We are here to share some amazing tips which will help you to take a good care of your munchkin during those initial 10 days. (Also Read: Baby Care: How to take care of your newborn baby)

Clean his breathing process:
As your baby is new to this environment, he may show you many types of discomforts by crying, sneezing etc. First of all, you have to understand your baby is learning how to breathe in this world. So, keep his breathing process clean. You may find his nose is stuck with mucus, peeled skin etc. Gently clean his nose regularly and help him to breathe easily.

Tips For Your Newborn Baby For Initial 10 Days Of Birth

Keep him warm:
Always remember, the baby needs to stay warm during his initial days from right after the birth. Always keep him covered with a woollen stole or furry towels. While carrying the baby, keep him to your chest or abdominal area. This can make him stay warm and cosy. (Also Read: Tips To Take Care Of A Premature Baby Or A Preemie)

Breastfeed the baby:
You have to breastfeed the newborn for at least 6 months. So, it is clear that during initial 10 days, breastfeeding is necessary. Your little one needs nutrients to be strong and to grow fast. So, the baby only gets all the nutrients from your breastmilk. If you are not around, then do not forget to store the milk with a milk pumping machine.

Keep the umbilical cord clean:
Cleaning the umbilical cord is very important for the baby. Do not forget to clean it with sterilized instruments. You have to clean and dry up the cord very carefully. Every day cleaning can make it drop down faster. Clean it with medicated alcohol daily to keep your baby away from the bacterias. (Also Read: How To Take Care Of Twin Babies)

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