Tips to take care of a newborn baby

Tips to take care of a newborn baby

Having a baby is a blessing which brings along a lot of responsibilities and maturity in parents, especially mother. Mother is usually the backbone of a child who nurtures him to an extent that he turns into a healthy and strong grown up. There are a lot many things that a mother should keep in mind while handling her baby with utmost care.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you know what all should you do and how you should take care of your newborn baby.

Lift your baby properly: It is necessary that we support the head of our baby carefully while lifting him up. Head and neck are the most delicate parts that are still in the process of development. They should be supported with hand properly to ensure that they are not prone to any injury or dis-balance.

Soft spot on the head is absolutely alright: We often come across the soft spots on babies head. Until the age of 1 to 2 years, the skull of the child does not form completely. It takes time and until then there are soft spots here and there. The inner membrane has the strong covering over these spots, so there is no need of worrying about the same.

Prohibit shaking your baby’s body: Don’t shake your baby, no matter what! Their muscles are in the process of formation, if we shake them thoroughly, they are more prone to injuries like serious spinal and brain damage.

Know their schedule well: As infants, they don’t have verbal signals to give you about their feeding time, all they know is crying or doing little movements to make you alert about their hungry stomach. Weeping is usually the main sign that children give while they are empty stomach and needs food.

Take care while feeding them: Breastfeeding is the best practice that a mother should undertake. It is not only beneficial for the child but also for the mother. It boosts up the immunity of the infant if fed for the early period of 6 months. While they are towards the age of getting teeth, try to feed them with soft eatables such as bananas, milk and biscuits etc.

Ways of feeding your baby: Whichever way you opt out to feed your baby, either breastfeeding or feeding them with the bottle, chose it the right way.

A properly sterilised bottle that doesn’t hurt the mouth of your little one should be used. Keep a check on it time and again, and replace it after every fixed interval of 45 days.

If you are breastfeeding your child, take care of your personal hygiene and consult a doctor if you are facing any problem about the same. It’s the best thing a mother could gift to her newborn, the passing on of her own body immunity and sharing her nutrients with the child.

Baby may spit a lot in the beginning: Spitting or vomiting is common in infants. They take the time to digest food as their body is still building up. Make sure you maintain their hygiene and also ensure that spitting is not due to some serious illness. See a doctor if the baby is vomiting more than usual.

Burp is important: Even as a grown up we feel the need of burping to exhale the excessive air we have inhaled while eating. Our newly born need that too, make sure you practice to get them a burp after every meal they have. Hold them by your shoulder and pat their back till the time you hear them burping. They might spit a bit while doing same, so be patient.

Maintain the hygiene of your baby: Bathing and changing the diapers of the baby are some of the things that need our attention. Babies usually cry when they poop or find their diaper wet. There is a sense of discomfort in children too which they are not vocal about. Make sure you change it after the short interval of time.

Bathing is necessary to ensure a healthy child. Use baby products to bless their tender skin with softness. Make sure that the water is at the right temperature and don’t leave the baby in water alone.
During winters and first few days after the birth, sponge bathing is best advised. Change their entire clothes to ensure proper hygiene, until their umbilical cord is amended.

Ensure proper sleep: An infant sleeps a lot during the beginning period but for short interval of time. Make sure they have a sound sleep and a proper posture. It is believed that a baby grows while sleeping.

Playing and socialising: Often talk and play with your child. It will lead to the development of his brain. Meeting new people would ensure his growth and boost up his memory. Also meeting children of same age group or a bit grown up ones would bring a smile on their face, as they can associate themselves in their own baby language.

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