Tips To Make Your Baby Stay Comfortable During Summer

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Tips To Make Your Baby Stay Comfortable During Summer

The way changing seasons affects your skin and body, in the similar way it also has the same impact on babies. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, your babies need special attention in every season. During winter, the way you make sure that your little one is wearing warm clothes, similarly, you should also take extra care of him or her during summer time. It is important to make the baby adjust with the surrounding first. All you need is to keep an eye on the regular food, drinks, and the clothes they wear.

Make sure your bundle of joy stay fresh, cool and protected during the scorching heat of summer. Check these tips to make it simple.

Comfy Clothes:
Dress your baby in thin cotton clothes. If you are staying indoor, dress him in loose-fitting, lightweight garments. Cotton clothes absorb perspiration better than synthetic fabrics. so, it is better to avoid synthetic fabrics. Moreover, they catch heat and can be quite uncomfortable for your baby. Sometimes babies get rashes by wearing synthetic fabrics or so. You can choose long-sleeved, light coloured clothes when you let him out in the sun. Buy some sun hat for him and make sure they have a broad brim. Try to avoid hats with elastic support which can make the blood circulation stagnant.

Keep the baby Hydrated:
A flushed face, skin which warm to the touch, rapid breathing and restlessness can be signs of dehydration. If the baby is less than six months and you breastfeed him then there is no need to give him water. Even not in hot weather. He is already dehydrated with the breastmilk. If the baby is more than 6 months and on solids, you can you can try milkshakes, fresh fruit juices, lassi, and coconut water. These can make your baby stays hydrated and cool from inside. This can even make his skin cool better and nourished.

Ventilation is important:
It is the truth that babies does not perspire effectively. This may make him overheated far more quickly than an adult. You should be careful of not letting your baby inside a car or a closed room. Ventilation is much needed. Never make him feel suffocated and hot. Try let him stay in the open areas. A room should ventilate well where your baby stay.

Carefully while using massage oils:
If you like to massage your baby’s body with the oils, you should be extra careful in this case. These oils can give your baby rashes or irritate his skin. If you feel the need of oil, try oils like olive oil or coconut oil. There are a variety of body massage oils for baby available in the market. Try purchasing the best among them which are chemically free.

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