Tips to increase the production of breast milk

Tips to increase the production of breast milk


Many breastfeeding mothers worry about the production and the efficiency of the breast milk. Breast milk is much needed for the growth of the baby. The best way to understand the efficiency of breast milk is the increasing weight of your baby. Usually, a newborn loses weight in the initial days of the birth. But then after three to five days, the baby starts putting on weight. Efficient Breastfeeding would not let the child lose weight after the birth. Not only this, by increasing the milk and nursing helps to make your breast cells well. So that, it prevents you to develop breast cancer. Hence, let us have a look in which way you can increase your breast milk production. (Also Read: When To Start Bathing The Newborn)

1. Increase the nursing:
Always try to nurse your baby. It is a very good digestion friendly food for the baby. That is why try feeding the little one every after 1.5-2 hours. You should know when the baby is hungry and you need to feed her. However, do not wait for your baby to cry out loud in hunger. You keep feeding her time to time. Try feeding her even if your breast milk is not coming at that moment. Nursing helps your breasts to produce more milk. Initially, you may find difficult, but later on, you will be habituated to this. Remember, the more you feed the milk, the more you will be able to produce it.

Tips to increase the production of breast milk

Pump it up after nursing:
If you are going to be busy after nursing, always try to store the milk by pumping. Keep pumping and make it a smoother transition. However, if you are a homemaker mom, then pumping after nursing will help you to boost your production and give you some milk to have on stalk if you want to be absent for some time. Your absence should not bother the baby.

Switch the sides:
Try using both of the breasts. Try feeding the baby on one side and switch your side for next time feeding. This would make both of your breasts clear the milk secretion. Do not overdo in one side. This may develop malignant cells on the other side. And when the baby falls asleep, change your sides for better secretion. (Also Read: How To Wash Baby Clothes Safely)

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