Tips To Change Bottle Feeding Habit In Toddlers

Tips To Change Bottle Feeding Habit In Kids

Toddlers love bottle feeding and why not? It is their first source of consuming the milk and water. However, as the little ones grow they find it the sole and easy method for their diet but the same has to be changed. Parents most of the time find it difficult to change the habit of bottle feeding in their children. However, it becomes utmost necessary at a certain age when the solid food has to be introduced to the toddler. [Also Read: How to help your baby in having sound sleep at night?]

Therefore, find out here some tips to change the bottle feeding habits in kids:

Introduce cup at the right time:
Try to introduce a very light weight cup in the initial six months of the toddler. At this time, it may not be easy for them to hold it correctly but after a gap, they will be able to do so. Generally, children are capable of drinking milk with a cup at ease when they are 12 months or 1 year old. But, making the same introduce initially will not let them cling to the habit of bottle feeding.

Use fancy designer cups:
Children are captivated by bright colours hence, use multi colour cups to grab their attention and feed them. By this, your toddler will hold the cup itself without creating much hassle. You can change the designs and colours of the cup to keep their interest intact. [Also Read: How to massage a newborn baby correctly]

Dilute milk inside the bottle:
An another tactic which you can play with your children is to dilute the milk inside the bottle. On the other hand, keep the full cream milk in a cup. While offering the two, your toddler will find the milk present in the cup much tastier. It’s more like, you need to change the psychology of the child.

Use sippy cups:
The sippy cups do not spill the liquid hence, to take a start, these cups are essential. Transit your child from bottle feeding to these sippy cups and ease their dietary intake with joy.

Entertain your child:
Make the meal time of your child entertaining. Gimmick around or sing a lullaby so that your child does not get distracted. [Also Read: How to help your newborn baby to deal with fever]

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