Step-by-step guide to bath a newborn baby with care

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Step-by-step guide to bath a newborn baby with care

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Newborn babies have a very delicate skin. Unlike adults or grown up babies, they don’t need to be bathed daily, all they need is maintaining a good hygiene. It takes a great effort to deal with babies, as they are very tender and need our entire attention. Here are few important tips one should keep in mind while bathing a newly born.

Sponge bath during the early period of a month: Umbilical cord is a very important part which is attached to a baby. Till the time it sheds off, it is advisable to give a soft sponge bath to the baby. Take extra care of neck, hands, private parts to ensure proper hygiene.

Bathing newborn baby: Have all the bathing essentials like a towel, baby wipes, cotton balls, warm water, a soft blanket, baby body wash etc. to ensure a good bath. Place the towel on the ground to restrict the baby’s direct contact with the floor. Choose a warm room.

Always hold your baby with one hand to support him. Babies are too young to maintain the balance on their own, so provide them with a proper grip and support of your hand.

Start gradually and slowly. Don’t pour a lot of water from the head onto the baby. Start lightly from the face, wipe it with a soft towel or cotton pad. Don’t be too harsh on your baby.

Pour some water by ensuring it’s neither too hot nor too cold for the skin of the baby. Use baby soap and clean the private parts, neck area and other creased parts like fingers, toes, ankles properly.

Wash off the soap by gently pouring some water and rubbing the body softly.

Make sure you wrap the baby in towel and blanket after the bath so that he doesn’t catch a cold and the warmness is maintained in the body.

Dress him up quickly and use baby lotion to give away the dryness and patchy skin.

Bathing a newborn in a tub: While you decide to bath your baby in a tub, make sure it isn’t hurting your baby and he is comfortable lying there. Still, support your baby with a hand to ensure that he is safe. Don’t over pour the water and make sure the baby does not remain in water for a longer period of time, that too all alone. Take out the baby after bathing him properly and place him immediately on a towel or blanket to ensure warmness. Dress the baby as soon as possible.

Besides the above-mentioned thing, the foremost thing we should keep in mind is the health of the baby.

  • If the baby is too weak or ill, don’t bath him, just change his clothes cleaning the diaper area.
  • Always take care of the temperature of water, make sure it suits the baby.
  • Be gentle with the baby and don’t rub him like an object. He is a delicate bud, so handle him with care.
  • Don’t leave the baby undressed after the bath for a longer period of time. Dress him up immediately.
  • Avoid using chemical products on baby’s skin, use only baby care products.


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