Some Basic Reasons Of Stomach Ache In Your Kids Which You Must Know

Some Basic Reasons Of Stomach Ache In Your Kids Which You Must Know

Being a parent, you take all the necessary measures to keep your newborn baby healthy and fit. However, there are some unknown factors which let your baby suffer from infections and other health issues. Suffering from a stomach ache is the basic problem which causes extreme discomfort to babies and to you as well. Newborn babies cannot communicate their problems through words hence, they burst out crying. Therefore, to help you with those factors, below mentioned are some basic reasons of stomach ache in your kids which you must know. [Also Read: What type of allergies a newborn baby is prone to get]

Stomach Flu:

The stomach flu is caused by a virus. Your child may suffer from diarrhoea which may accompany vomiting and a mild fever. It often results due to excessive gas accumulated in the child’s stomach. Hence, proper medical attention is required.


Constipation is another major problem which poses a serious discomfort to your child. Your child may get a sudden chronic stomach ache which happens because the bowel squeezes to excrete the hard poop. This pain occurs generally after a couple of hours of taking the meal.

Digestive Issues:

Little ones generally suffer from digestive problems as in initial phases their digestive system is weak. Hence, being a parent, you should not feed your child with heavy meals and also must note about the foods compatible with your child’s health. [Also Read: Essential Hygiene Tips For Your Newborn Baby]

Worms In Stomach:

If your child has worms in the stomach, it may suffer from extreme abdominal pain. Do not misunderstand this pain with that of gastroenteritis. Hence, consult the doctor immediately. If your child is suffering from a worm infection, the symptom may accompany spitting, not sleeping well and unusual smell from the stool.

Food Poisoning:

This is another reason of stomach ache in your little one. Food poisoning can occur due to unhealthy eating conditions and also if your child has the habit of eating mud, sand, soap or other unhealthy things. [Also Read: What Are The Facts About Newborn Babies Which Can Make You Uncomfortable]

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