Signs that your child has worm in stomach

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Signs that your child has worm in stomach

Thread-worms often attack child’s intestine and make it troublesome for them to stay healthy. There are very less visible signs that suggest the collection of these worms in the intestine. They are harmful, as it takes away all the necessary minerals and vitamins from child’s body. It even affects the child mentally and physically. One should get the timely check up done with a child specialist to be sure of any such problem. Besides this, the baby gives out some signs that may be helpful in detecting the situation. (Also read: Tips to provide relief to baby’s upset stomach)

Here are some signs that the baby gives if they have worms in the stomach:

Excessive abdominal pain: If your baby cries and complaints of stomach ache, this could probably be because of the worm attack. We often mistake it by thinking it as a gastric pain or some other health issue. (Also read: What are the symptoms of baby teething and how can it be treated)

Spitting: Excessive spitting by child also indicates the worm infection in the stomach. Mothers usually scold their child for misbehaving or not keeping clean but it’s not their fault. This is one of the most common signs of a baby having worms in stomach.

An unusual smell from stool: This may sound weird as stool always smells but an unusual foul smell from stool suggests a worm infection. One can find out the difference in the stool easily.

Sucking objects: Babies usually put toys and other objects in their mouth while they are suffering from worm infection. This is also due to the irritation caused by worms. It results in reduction of appetite of a child.

Not sleeping well: Worms often cause irritation and restlessness in the body. If the child is not sleeping properly at night or cries more than usual then it is an indication of worm infection.
Itching in the anus: Sometimes the worm infection grows so serious that they start creating itchiness near and around the private parts of the baby. The worms move towards the anus f the baby in the morning which leads to excessive itching and irritation around that particular area. However, for a baby, it is very difficult to deal with that itching. They eventually cry a lot when they feel uneasy. (Also read: Understand The Meaning Of Your Newborn Baby Crying)

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