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Why it is good for the newborn baby to sleep more

Baby sleep: Why it is good for the newborn baby to sleep more

Baby sleep: You must have noticed that the newborn baby keeps sleeping for most of the time, even after having a good sleep at night. If they do not sleep during the daytime, they often become irritated. This is because a newborn baby needs to sleep adequately. There are many reasons behind their sleeping for most of the day.

Benefits of cucumber for babies.

How cucumber is beneficial for the baby’s health

The cucumber is beneficial for your baby in a number of ways. It is packed with minerals like carbohydrate, proteins, riboflavin, thymine, vitamins, folate, which nourish the 5-6-month-old baby. Apart from this, if you feed cucumber to babies in summer, they will feel refreshing.

How to ease baby's pain

How to ease your baby’s pain after vaccination

The pain caused by vaccination is unbearable because your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. If your baby feels more discomfort after vaccination, then you need to contact the doctor so that he can give some medication to recover them quickly. Moreover, there are some tips which provide a sigh of relief to your baby.