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What Are The Signs Babies Give Us By Rubbing Their Eyes

What Are The Signs Babies Gives Us By Rubbing Their Eyes

Babies often rub their eyes.It sometimes seems like they feel sleepy, sometimes upset or about to crying. Babies have various gestures to express their feelings. But amongst all the signs, rubbing eyes are the most common sign they show.

Some Important Baby Safety Tips You May Not Know

Some Important Baby Safety Tips You May Not Know

Baby safety is a huge thing to look after. However, it is nothing new to talk about as you or your partner always going to stay with her every time. It is easy to keep an eye on the baby always when you are home. But there are some certain safety requirements which nobody would tell you but it is as important as feeding the baby.

How Long The Does The Brest Milk Stay Fresh

How Long Does The Breast Milk Stay Fresh

You may not know that you can refrigerate breast milk for 3-5 days and freeze it to keep it fresh even longer. And you can also store the breast milk in a bottle by pumping it. Usually, breast milk stays fresh at room temperature for 3-4 hours.

How To Take Care Of Twin Babies

How To Take Care Of Twin Babies

This will be a super big responsibility for you to take a good care of twin babies. People generally feel confused during the initial days of baby birth. But in this case, you have to face both the equal hazards together. But do not panic!

What Are The Factors Responsible Behind Happy And Healthy Babies

What Are The Factors Responsible Behind Happy And Healthy Babies

A baby comes to your life like a clay whom you have to sculpt in a right and healthy manner. Parents should be more responsible for the mental and physical health of the babies. That is why parents have to know and behave accordingly which a baby mind can take positively. A baby mostly wants his parents around. So, work accordingly.

Tips to increase the production of breast milk

Tips to increase the production of breast milk

Breast milk is much needed for the growth of the baby. The best way to understand the efficiency of breast milk is the increasing weight of your baby. Usually, a newborn loses weight in the initial days of the birth. But then after three to five days, the baby starts putting on weight. Efficient Breastfeeding would not let the child lose weight after the birth.

When To Start Bathing The Newborn Baby

When To Start Bathing The Newborn

Bathing the newborn is the most delicate task parents have. Many of them wonder the right time to do that. After bringing the little one, bathing him immediately should not be the right choice. And initially, it is not so important to bath your baby every day.

Why PH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary

Why pH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary

You can not wash your face regularly with a normal soap from the market. People say that always use a baby soap to the newborns, that is why you are also buying baby special body soaps. But do you know that is the exact reason why you should not normal soap for your little one?

Why does the baby wake up in the middle of sleep at night

Why does the baby wake up in the middle of sleep at night

Many a times baby wakes up the in the middle of the night due to some sudden disturbance. It could be either some pain or thought that keeps going on in their mind. However, there is nothing to worry about this issue, babies take some time to develop a fixed sleeping pattern.