What all you need to know about the child’s teeth and nutrition

What all you need to know about the child's teeth and nutrition

When your child starts to consume the food in the right manner, then it is important that you know how to make sure he or she is consuming nutritious things. It is easy to find the problem of tooth decay in case of small childern as well. The main reason for it consuming the food items that are bad for the teeth. Kids especially are distracted by the tempting taste and colours of the unhealthy food items. Thus, it is important to know about the way to take care of your kid’s teeth using the power of nutrition. So, let’s find out more about it! (Also read: What the most special things a mother does for her child everyday)

Avoid the extra sugar
Sugar is found everywhere, so it is better to find ways to avoid extra sugar in case of kids. The extra sugar in carbohydrate drinks and junk food leads to the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Thus avoid it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
When your child has started eating, then it is a perfect opportunity to make them try all the fruits and vegetables.
These are not only healthy for your body but are also great for the teeth. Try to include more vegetables and fruits that are rich in water content like watermelons, celery, cucumber etc. (Also read: How to end screen time without tears and struggle)

Avoid frequent snacking
When you are done with your meals, the saliva in your mouth starts to take the case of the leftover pieces of food, thus preventing the bacteria growth. If the child keeps snacking then it will leave no time for saliva to work on the mouth.

Foods rich in calcium
It is not a surprise that calcium is a must for stronger bones and stronger teeth. So, make sure your child is getting the right amount of calcium in the diet.

Avoid sticky things
Candy bars, lollipops are few things that are sticky in nature. So, when your child eats them, they get stuck in the teeth and promote bacteria growth.  (Also read: What Are The Best Ways to Wean Children Off Thumb Sucking Habit)

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