Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Newborn Baby

Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Newborn Baby

A newborn baby can give you a bundle of happiness. The newborn in your hands makes you feel blessed and the feeling of parenthood you receive cannot be compared to any other feeling. You take all the necessary measures to keep your newborn baby healthy and fit. However, there are some common things which you guys do regularly without knowing and the same is extremely harmful to your little one. Take a thorough read of the article written below and find out the major things you should never do to your newborn baby.

You Do Not Change The Diaper Often:

Diapers were invented to avoid frequent changing of clothes. It provides a great relief to parents as they can keep their baby unattended without worrying about they being soiled. But this often results in babies wrapped in dirty diapers which is a major cause of diaper rashes and infections. So, regularly check if the diaper is loaded and change them at regular intervals.

Strangers Keep Kissing Your Baby:

Baby’s skin is very delicate and prone to infections in initial months of birth. It is sensitive to many bacteria and viruses. People often tend to touch child’s cheeks and kiss them. Request people to not touch your child with dirty hands as this is one of the easiest ways your child gets infected. Insist on using hand sanitizer whenever someone touches your child, including yourself.

You Miss The Doctor Appointment:

The most important thing you miss for your child’s health is skipping the scheduled appointment with the doctor. Your child may seem all healthy and active but it is still not advised to miss taking him to the doctor for a regular checkup. Also, you must consult with a doctor in case of any doubt instead of relying on home remedies.

You Clean Your Baby’s Nose With Finger:

Babies have certain self-clean mechanisms related to their nose and ears, up to a certain age. However, they are also very sensitive to cold. Never use a tissue or hands to clean your baby’s nose as it may push the mucus further up the nose or can damage the nasal membrane. instead, use the nasal aspirator or bulb syringe. You can use saline nasal drops also.

Your Child Sleeps On The Stomach:

Don’t let your child sleep on stomach or sideways as this increases the chances of SIDS ( Stomach Infant Death Syndrome ). This is much criticism in case of children of age less than a year. Doctors advise not to let your child sleep on stomach. The best way to prevent this is to make your child sleep on back.

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