Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe

Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe

In India, it is a very common ritual to apply Kajal in the baby’s eyes. Doctors strictly advises not to apply kajal to the newborn baby’s eyes. It contains chemicals which cause irritation or allergies to the soft skin of the baby. But elders say, applying kajal to those tiny eyes can help to make the vision stronger. But, the main concern is, applying this kohl is good to your baby’s eye or not? Have a look at the following and know about it in detail. (Also Read: What Are The Tips You Should Follow While Travelling With Your Baby)

Is applying kajal to your baby’s eyes safe:
Application of kajal to a baby’s eyes is a very common practice. We will not say that applying this can be harmful to the baby, but this is true that chemical-based kajal is not good for the child. This practice can be extremely harmful to the baby. So, here we are discussing some bad effects of applying kajal to your baby’s eyes.

1. Kajal available in the market can contain a high amount of lead. This compound can lead to many health issues especially if your baby is newborn. So, this lead can prove poisonous to your baby’s nervous system. It also leads to a reduction of muscle growth behavioural issues, kidney damage, learning disabilities etc. (Also Read: When Can The Baby Eat The Dairy Products)

2. Apart from that, Kajal contains Galena, amorphous carbon, zincite, magnetite, and minimum. These compounds gradually make your child have an excessive storage of lead in his body. So, this excessive lead content can lead to convulsions and a severe form of anaemia.

3. Above of all, a newborn baby is not capable to bear the irritation of applying kajal to his eyes. While rubbing the head of the kajal to his eyes, he feels extreme disgust and starts crying. When he rubs his eyes, these kajal smudges everywhere on his face and hand. The sad part is, babies unknowingly put their hand inside their mouth most of the time.

You can make home-made, chemical-free kajal for your little one. But, still make sure, you do not use it regularly.

How To Make Kajal At Home For Babies:
As applying chemical based kajal to your baby’s eyes is not at all advisable, you should choose the alternate options. You can make kajal at home only. Hence, have a look at the following.

Take two empty bowls or small plates. Put them face down on a firm surface. Now, you have to place an empty plate over them. Place it again with the face-down position. After that, put castor oil in a diya and light it. Now let the diya leave its evaporation through black dark colour. Let it burn for about 20 minutes. Now, remove the plate carefully. You will get the black layer of kajal which you can use in your baby’s eyes. (Also Read: How to Treat Breathing Problems in Babies)

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