How To Wash Baby Clothes Safely

How To Wash Baby Clothes Safely


Your baby deserves everything clean, neat and germ-free. Baby clothes and towels are very delicate. They need a wash every 12 hours after using. May be you are trying your level best to keep your little one clean, but the most important part you should not forget is to wash the clothes in the right manner so that none of the baby dresses, towels, bed sheets contain germs. You always have to be extra careful to keep them away from germs and dirt.

However, to do this, you can not clean your entire house and wash all the clothes every day. But, what you can do is to clean your baby’s belonging especially clothes and towels time to time. So, do not think it is a huge task for you. We are here to help you with the right and easy ways to wash your baby clothes easily. Have a look. (Also Read: What Is The Right Time To Feed Water To Baby)

The label of the clothes:
Always read the label of the clothes. You will definitely find the washing instructions there. You can find the proportionate amount of water and detergent mentioned in the clothes. The manufacturer for the clothes know about the material better so reading the instructions is a good idea before washing.

Choosing the right detergent:
Not all the detergents are good for baby clothes. There are many harsh detergents which make the cloth materials rough and itchy to the skin. In this case, the best option would be buying a detergent which is specially made for baby clothes. Many little babies develop allergy habits by the cloth materials too.

Separate the baby clothes:
Many parents wash baby clothes all together with their own clothes. This is an absolutely wrong idea to wash the baby belongings. Always wash the clothes separately to cleanse the stain and the dirt. Moreover, your detergent is not good for baby clothes. (Also Read: What Is Gripe Water For Babies And How Does It Work)

How To Safe Wash Baby Clothes

Hand washing the baby clothes:
If you want you can hand wash all your baby clothes, these will appear to you like a handkerchief. Follow these tips if you are planning to do this.

1. Select the water temperate: Select the water temperature according to the instruction mentioned on the label of the baby clothes. Now fill a bucket half of water and baby detergent.

2. Soak the clothes before washing: Always soak those little clothes before hand washing. You can soak them for 15-30 minutes inside the bucket water. After that wash the clothes gently. Do not use a washing brush as it may harm the clothing material.

3. Dry the clothes:
After washing the clothes, soak in a bucket of antiseptic liquid and water solution. Just dip the clothes and take out after soaking. This will help baby clothes to get out o all the germs. Finally, soak the clothes in the direct sunlight. (Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler)

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