How to understand your baby’s body language

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how to understand your babys body language

Newborn babies can not speak, due to which sometimes they can not express their feelings and many times parents are unable to understand their things because this is their first experience. In such a way it is very important to understand the physical language of your child so that your child does not feel any kind of inconvenience. Your child wants to talk to you through physical activity. The child will tell you all about their mood and feelings through the actions. (Also read: How to take care of two months old baby)

Let’s understand what child wants to say with body language.

If your child is kicking the foot then he is happy and enjoying his moment. Hitting the foot is a way to express your child’s happiness. Most children kick their feet when they lin the bathtub or when you are playing.

Arching the back
When your child turns to the back, either he or she is feeling pain or feeling uncomfortable with something. The babies also arch their back when they feel jealous. (Also read: How to deal with your child’s tantrum)

Hitting head on something
When your child is suffering from irritability or pain, he hit his head on the floor or on his own. Hitting the head back and forth gives them relief from pain. In this case, you need to contact your doctor.

Pulling ear
When your child pulls his ear, then there is a way to express this happiness. Apart from this, your child also gets his ears pulled while his teeth are coming. If your child pulls his ear while crying, then it can also be an ear infection.

Arm Jerks
Generally, when children suddenly hear the noise or experience more light then they shake their hands. When you put it on the floor and they do not get the support of anything and they feel scared of anything, even then they jerk their arms. (Also read: What are the benefits of feeding papaya to babies)

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