How to take care of baby’s hair

how to take care of babys hair

Newly born babies are very sensitive and they need extra care. The caring of newly born babies is very important as they are prone to infections and other diseases. Any kind of negligence while taking care of infants may cause trouble to them. Though every parent puts extra efforts while taking care of their children but it is also important to know how to care them properly. There are some guidelines and precautionary measures, which every parent should follow while cleaning the body or hair of newly born babies. The hair of newly born babies needs extra care as they are very soft and delicate. If the hair of newly born babies is taken care properly then they may not face any hair- related problem in future. (Also read: Why should we give some diaper free time to the baby)

Let’s know tips to take care of baby’s hair :

Shampoo twice a week, whether the newly born baby has less hair or no hair. The frequent shampoo makes the scalp dry and flaky. Moreover, also protect the baby’s head from sun rays. Apart from this, if the length of baby’s hair is enough then shampoo them twice or thrice in a week.

Treat dandruff
Massage olive oil before washing baby’s hair if they have dandruff or flakes. The massage with olive oil helps to eliminate dandruff and flakes. (Also read: What are the hygiene tips for baby’s bottles)

Use baby shampoo
Always use baby shampoo to wash baby’s hair. The baby shampoo does not contain any chemicals. Moreover, also use tear-free shampoo to clean their hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb
Gently comb the tangles of baby’s hair with a wide-toothed comb. Moreover, also keep baby’s comb separate.

Thin and wispy hair
If your baby has thin and wispy hair then comb them gently every time. Also, trim wisps hair as they might fall into their eyes. (Also read: What are the benefits of reading bedtime stories to your child)

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