How To Stop Kids From Biting Nails

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How To Stop Kids From Biting Nails


Nail biting is a very common habit among children. This problem is known as Onychophagia in medical language. Many of us even can relate the childhood. But now we all know that nail biting is not at all a good thing and we should aware out children not to do this. Nails contain a lot of bacteria, dirt etc. Moreover, babies love to paint, touch various things and many other activities. These all things can make you baby’s nails dirty and unhygienic. So, if your baby’s nail biting habits are stressing you, these following tips are for you. Have a look. (Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler)

Engage in other stuff:
When you see your baby is biting her nails, do not scold or punish her. Do engage her in other activities where hands should stay busy. But if you keep scolding her he may not obey whatever you tell him. This is a general kids psychology. Talk to your child and figure out why she keeps biting her nails. This will help him to get rid of it.

Identify The root:
May be your kid is disturbed or have something abstract in his mind. That is why he bites her nails. It is quite possible that he may have had a bad experience in his school or from anywhere. This bad experience may trigger him to bite nails as a general anxious habit of human being. Trying to find the root cause can help you deal with that first. Do not forget to talk to him and find out the accurate reason of this kind of behaviour. (Also Read: Are Organic Foods Better For The Babies)

Distract the little one:
Whenever babies bite nail, they do not do it intentionally that they need to cut the nails, it happens like a normal gesture while thinking or doing something with an absent mind. Hence, you need to distract the baby from being absent mind and thinking something too deeply. If you bring a better toy or something interesting for him she will be stick to the new thing only and gradually she will forget about biting nails. (Also Read: How Long Does The Breast Milk Stay Fresh)

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