How To Protect Your Newborn From Cold And Flu

How To Protect Your Newborn From Cold And Flu

When your newborn baby shows signs of having cough, cold and flu, you try everything to give him relief. Change in weather conditions traps your newborn. A newly born child can easily catch a cold. Many doctors do not prefer to prescribe any medicinal properties to the baby as his body is not ready to intake unknown components. However, there are several ways you can try to help your child feel comfortable. (Also Read: How to help your newborn baby to deal with fever)

Here are few tips for you to prevent your child from getting cold and cough.

First crucial two months:
When your baby born, his body does not have the ability to create antibodies to fight against cold and flu. First two months are very crucial and fragile for a baby. Before your baby gets his first round of immunisations, it is crucial to deal with the viruses. The first and foremost thing you can do is to keep your baby away from crowded places like playgrounds, shopping malls, and tourist places. Fewer people, less risk.

Keep the baby covered:
Always keep your newborn covered in public places until the time he turns 6 months old. Use a stroller with a thin blanket. in summers put a simple piece of cloth to him so that whenever he feels warm you can easily remove that. But do not let the baby stay without cover. It is not possible to keep him away from strangers every time, but try to protect him from unknown people torching him as soon as possible. (Also Read: How to treat the most common diseases in new born babies)

Breastfeed is the best remedy:
Breastmilk can cure every single problem of a newborn baby. Your milk is now full of antibodies, nutrients, and supplements. Feeding him breast milk can eradicate many problems. Moreover, there are many studies have proved that babies who had breast milk exclusively are less likely to catch a cold and flu than those babies who mostly rely on another milk products.

Sanitising of important:
Always carry disinfecting wipes and hand. Germs can live up to five hours on things like shopping carts, so make it a habit of wiping things down. If you’re not able to wash your hands, a little hand sanitizer can go a long way. Ask every visitor to use sanitizer as you know your baby is not immunised yet.

Your baby will get his first vaccination after 6 months. Your doctor would prescribe you the right time and a chart of his vaccination. Do not miss any of them. After 1st vaccine, his body would start reacting like a soldier and make him immunised. Though, there are chances of getting a high fever in this case. But do not worry. Fever happens because your baby is trying to adapt the vaccines in his body. It is just a mild side effect. (Also Read: Baby Care: How to take care of your newborn baby)

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