How To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome In Your Kids

How To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome In Your Kids

A flat spot on the head, be it at the back or on sides of the head is referred as a flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly. The kids who are in the initial stage of development may get a flat head either due to their sleeping habits or sue to the problem in neck muscles. The problem is not threatening however, utmost care must be taken of for the same. Change in the habits and opting for some safety measures can keep your baby at a distance from developing the flat head. Below mentioned are some important tips.

Change The Sleeping Position:

If your little one sleeps in the same position every time, you must change its sleeping position often. It is necessary to let the baby sleep on their back however, you must change the head position in regular intervals so that only one side of the head is not pressurised. Thereby, it grows symmetrically.

Tummy Time:

The tummy time is important for babies as it strengthens the head, neck and upper body. Make your baby lay down on tummy side for few minutes in a day with extreme caution to not put pressure on the head as well.

Hold Them While Travelling:

While you are travelling, do not let the baby sit or laid down in a static position for long. By this, you will exert pressure on one side of its skull. Hold them while you are travelling or if they are toddlers, make them walk along with you.

Change The Head Position:

If you have any beautiful scenery in your room which attracts your baby’s eye or if there is a collection of toys in one area which your child gazes then eventually, that side of the head will be more pressurised. Hence, change the position of the things or the position of your child to not exert more pressure. Thereby, avoiding the flat head syndrome.

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