How to prepare your baby to move from breastfeeding to bottle feeding

How to prepare your baby to move from breastfeeding to bottle feeding

Watching your child achieve a little milestone in the early years is a joy for a mother. Every single step in a baby’s life is a crucial one for the mother as well as the baby. One of these transitions is switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. It is a tricky business as the child doesn;t wish to change or let go of his or her old habits. The mother has to be patient with the child to help him or her to make this transition. It is an important milestone in a baby’s life as it prepares him to grow dependent on other sources of nutrition than mother’s milk. (Also read: What Are The Signs Babies Gives Us By Rubbing Their Eyes)

 Help baby to get familiar with the bottle
It is important that the baby is comfortable with the bottle. This way it will be easy for baby to make the transition. You can begin with letting the baby touch and hold the bottle.

Start with little steps
Firstly, let the baby hold the empty bottle. Then fill it with a little amount of milk so that baby gets used to the weight. This way when you will switch to bottle feeding habit, the transition will be easier for the baby.

Play on the baby’s reaction
Every baby is different as a result their reaction to bottle feeding is different. Some kids instantly adapt to bottle feeding while others take more time. (Also read: What are ways that can help you to keep up with the twins)

Be patient
If your child is having troubles with the transition than you must make sure you are patient with your child. Don’t be aggressive or short-tempered as it develops a fear in the mind of the baby.

It is a difficult step for the child too, understand that
Most mothers forget that their child is also dealing with the same transition process as the mother. So, don’t undermine his or her struggle and work with the baby’s reaction and help him or her to adapt and change. (Also read: How To Make Your Little Baby Talk)

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