How to massage a newborn baby correctly

How to massage a newborn baby correctly

Newborn babies are the most fragile beings. They need utmost care and dedication for their proper development. Mothers need to be very efficient while taking care of the newborn baby. All their body parts are in the process of development and growth. Thus, mishandling them while lifting or carrying could be troublesome. Massaging is necessary for ensuring proper development of the baby. It even helps to improve the flow of blood in their body and makes them feel relaxed.

Listed below few tips to know how to massage a newborn baby:

One should ensure that the room is warm and the baby is comfortable in the room temperature. Massaging a baby for half an hour is enough in a day. This will ensure good sleep and healthy playtime for the baby.

Massaging the legs and feet: A newborn baby tries to do a lot of leg movement. The legs make an effort to lift them up, so they need to be strong. Thus, start massaging the legs of the baby by adding few drops of olive oil. Press the feet of the baby to make them feel relaxed. Give a gentle press from heel to toe of the baby. Do not press too hard to hurt them. Move gradually towards ankles and knees and massage the area well. Also, go a little up to their tummy and press it gently downwards. It will eventually help the baby to release the gas from the stomach.

Massaging the upper body: Hands, shoulders and tummy need a proper massage. Do not use an excess of oil. Massage the hands and shoulder gently. Slightly massage the neck area as well. When it comes to tummy, move your hands clockwise. Do not press the tummy of the baby, as it may hurt him. If the umbilical cord is attached to the belly button, avoid that area. However, do not use the full force of your hands while giving a massage.

Massaging head, face and back: Baby’s head is the most delicate part. It has many soft spots that need not be pressed. So, give a gentle massage to make them feel relaxed. If the baby cries, try to divert his mind and engage him in playful acts. When it comes to face, be as soft as you can. Massage the forehead area down to cheeks.

Turn the baby and start massaging his back. Lay down the baby on the stomach and gently rub the back and the hip area. However, if the baby is uncomfortable in this position, stop right there. Do not compel the baby for the massage. Also, make sure that the baby feels relaxed. In many cases, you will notice, that the baby sleeps right after the massage.

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