How to help your newborn baby to deal with fever

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How to help your newborn baby to deal with fever

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Newborn babies are the soft target for bacteria and fungus during their early months or maybe until a year or two. In this period, they need our utmost care as they are completely dependent upon us.

Fever is the common thing a child suffers with at different intervals of time. One needs to be vigilant about the kind of fever and the body temperature of the baby, so as to provide an immediate relief to the little one. If the baby is below 4-5 months of age and is suffering from even mild fever consult a doctor immediately.

How to check if your baby is suffering from fever?

Measure the temperature of your baby if he is crying unnecessarily or you can notice that his body is growing more warm than usual. Undress a layer of clothes to check if the body is still that much heated or is it due to the warmth of the clothes. Seek medical attention immediately in that case.

Fever is in a way a body’s response to the attack done by virus or bacteria. Fever is not always a chronic stage so you don’t need to worry about. But in the case of infants, one has to be little more cautious even about the minute of body temperature. (Also read: How to help your baby in having sound sleep at night)

Symptoms of fever:

Children have the different response to the fever. Some might become inactive and not respond at all while others crib and become fussy. Other probable signs might be diarrhoea, irritation, shivering, about skin rashes etc. in the child. Give the detailing of your baby’s behaviour to the doctor and also notify him about any unusual activity that the child must be performing.

What else can cause the fever to the child?
Change of season or illness to mother usually affect the health of the child too. If there is someone infected with a cold or a cough then take precautions. Don’t go near the child and make him infected. A child needs a proper nurturing with all our care so be alert about the same.

How to deal with fever at home?

A light medicine which a child specialist prescribes can be helpful at this stage. While you take your child for regular checks ups, request the doctor to prescribe one medicine that can be given in the case of mild fever.

If the temperature still rises, consult the doctor immediately. Keep the baby protected from cold and other infections in the house. Keep checking the body temperature and keep a record of the same to make the doctor aware of it.

Maintain the proper hygiene of the child and the environment nearby him. Also, ensure that the baby takes a bath as bathing helps in the fall of rising temperature.


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