How To Help Your Child To Deal With Scary Dreams

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How To Help Your Child To Deal With Scary Dreams

Ever noticed your child wakes up in middle of sleep, all shaken and scared! Kids have a high amount of imagination and often relate themselves to the fictional characters of fairy tales and visuals they watch and is very difficult to isolate themselves from it. This may result in nightmares and can cause them to cry suddenly while sleeping or feeling scared of certain things or places like going to school, sleeping alone or going to the bathroom. This can not only affect their sleep but can also harm them physically as well as mentally.

As a parent, you can try following steps to help your children deal with nightmares:

  1. Parental Guidance: Talk and explain to your child that there is absolutely nothing to be scared of. A little help and guidance from parents can help a long way to kids to deal with nightmares.
  2. Be With Them: Assure your child that you are with them. If they wake up at night feeling scared, assure them that there is absolutely nothing like a ghost or any devil under their bed or in the bathroom and the cartoon characters are not real.
  3. Make Them Sleep Happily: We dream the summary of our day. Avoid telling them scary bedtime stories or letting them watch violent cartoon or movies. Instead, tell them humorous and happy stories so that they sleep feeling happy.
  4. Be Friends With Your Kids: It is fine to be strict with your kids to teach them good things but avoid overdoing it and making them scared of you or sharing their problems with you.
  5. Spend Quality Time: Give your kids a quality time. Take them out for some fun activities or picnics and avoid letting them sit in front of the TV all the time. This will bring out a positive change in them and make them feel happy and cheerful.
  6. Don’t Vent Out Anger: Do not let the frustration of office or life vent out in front of your kids. This will scare them further and make them disconnected from you.
  7. Do Not Let Them Sleep Alone: If your child persistently gets scared while sleeping, do not let them sleep the alone, assuring your presence till the situation get solved.
  8. Seek Expert Advice: If nothing helps and the problem is still there, consult a doctor for professional assistance.
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