How to help your baby to sit independently

How to help your baby to sit independently

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The growth and development of the baby involve the period when the baby sits for the first time. This is one of the major change and a new activity that the baby comes across with. It is often believed that a baby can sit with a support of his parents or caretaker when he/she is in the 4-5 month. However, to sit without the support of his parents is a tough task and a baby takes some time for the same. The time of every baby differs depending upon their development and growth.

The role of the parents is extremely crucial to make their baby active. Thus, it is often suggested that the baby should be made to sit on the floor for maximum time so that he/she can try to sit and crawl on their own without getting hurt. (Also read: Easy Steps To Guide Your Baby How To Crawl)

How can parents help the baby in sitting?
Making the baby realize the sense of movement is the basic thing. Once the baby gets acquainted with what movement is, they themselves make an effort. They try to lift themselves and make small movements in their body by rolling over. Parents should take up small activities and exercises to make the baby active and moving. Give support of soft things to the baby and make them sit daily for a short while. They will gradually become habitual and will start sitting. Listed below are few ways in which parents can help their child in sitting all by themselves:

Doing bicycle exercise: Not bicycle in actual, but bicycle movement. So, lie down your baby on a soft surface so that the baby doesn’t get hurt. Hold the legs of the baby and try to raise them up gently. Like you pedal the cycle, try to make the baby do so with legs slowly. In this way, the baby will learn to move legs in this manner. Babies are usually curious in different things and enjoy such activities. It will help the baby in strengthening their lower back muscle. (Also read: When To Start Bathing The Newborn)

Go and get the toy: Take a rattle or a toy which has got some sound. Rattle it or shake it in front of the baby to catch his/her attention. Once the baby catches the attention, move the toy somewhere nearby and direct the baby to get it. You will notice that the baby will try to get hold of the toy by making small movements. The baby will gradually learn to lift and twist head, hands and legs. This will help the baby to sit sooner. This also makes the muscles of the baby strong.

Mock the baby to sit: Once the baby gets to know that there is something like sitting, they will gradually try to do it themselves. So, make the baby sit in your lap and spend time this way. Put the toys of the baby in front so that there is an aim for the baby. Trust us, the baby will enjoy this moment. Don’t prolong this thing. Do it for short intervals, so that the back of the baby is not strained too much.

Teach them the art of rolling over: It’s all a trick to catch the attention of the baby. Take a toy and keep it in the reach of the baby but not too close. Ask the baby to get hold of the toy by rolling over. However, baby themselves by this time of 6 months, learn this rolling exercise. Do this activity daily. You will see that the baby starts to make the movements and do new things on their own. (Also read: How To Encourage Physical Development In Toddler)

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