How to help your baby in having sound sleep at night?

How to help your baby in having sound sleep at night?

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Our baby moves towards unhindered growth while he is sleeping, so we should make sure that there is no disturbance. On an average, an infant sleeps for 15-16 hours during first two months. However, they easily get disturbed in their sleep by multiple reasons like hunger, thirst, wet clothes, uneasiness, stomachache and much more.

We all desire for a sound sleep with absolute pin-drop silence. Hence, the same goes with a child.

Let’s have a look at what can we do to ensure that our baby sleeps well and undisturbed:

Empty stomach hampers baby’s sleep: When the newborn is hungry, he cannot sleep. It will wake him up in the middle of the night. So a baby should be fed properly before he falls asleep. Hunger tickles the stomach due to which the baby can’t sleep and often cries while he gets up at night. You can notice the difference in baby’s sleep if he is full and relaxed, he will sleep for longer without any disturbance.

Make the baby wear a diaper: Babies urinate while falling asleep and that wetness make them awake in the middle of the night. So, a baby should wear a diaper every time, especially during the time of sleeping.

Sing a bedtime lullaby: Studies revealed that babies associate themselves with music and forms a connection with it. If you sing a lullaby or a same song for the baby daily then he would probably recognise the tune and will fall asleep faster than usual. It relaxes them and provides them with an aura of protectiveness.

Babies sleep after a bath: Babies go off to sleep once they get a proper body massage. Giving a massage to the baby is beneficial for the nourishment of the body and also ensures baby’s good sleep.

Lie down at your baby’s side: Baby can sense the presence of his mother. There is a pious bond between the mother and the baby ever since the birth. While lying down at your baby’s side, you provide him with a sense of security and safety. You can notice that baby usually ask for mother’s lap or arms to fall asleep.

Let the room be quiet: Make sure that the room in which the baby sleeps is noise free, ventilated and clean. There should not be any noise of any kind while the baby falls asleep.

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