How To Encourage Physical Development In Toddler

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How To Encourage Physical Development In Toddler

Your toddler is now growing at a faster pace and all you need is to support his actions with love and patience. It feels nice to see your child struggling with the tasks of grown ups hence, their body movements show tremendous change. This is the time when your child’s physical and mental health is developing. Hence, it is your responsibility to nurture the development of your child for their better living. [Also Read: Easy Steps To Guide Your Baby How To Crawl]

You can encourage the physical development in your toddler by following various interesting measure which will also attract your child:

The Body Balance: 

When your toddler is around 18 months old he is all set to climb on to your sofa set and tables. The activity is dangerous as it might let him fall but this is how your child will learn to balance the body. On a safe platform, you can take your baby to the park or ground where they can experience to walk on grass, sand, wood and uneasy pavements. And where they can learn to keep a balance in their body. Also, at home, you can make your child play around with pillows where he can climb and fall without any risk of getting hurt.

Artistic Approach:

Toddlers like colours a lot. They captivate their attention hence, you can spread different colours in front of your child and observe which one he likes more. The children are more interested in scribbling things hence, the same is with colours. To make it more joyful, you can stick a white sheet on table or floor. Then, allow them to scribble their favourite colour. Also, you can take different shapes of leaves or papers and let them dip them in colours to make impressions on paper. You have to accompany them with this practice to make them love colours more and nourish their mental health. [Also Read: Tips To Change Bottle Feeding Habit In Toddlers]

The In and Out Tasks:

The little ones find fascinating to dismantling and disorganise things. Hence, to make this activity worthy, you can be very helpful to your children. You can notice your child taking out the toys from his basket or some other stuff from inside the containers. Hence, offer your child with some puzzle bricks or jig jag boxes. Let them take out and fit in the materials on and off from them. This will increase their focus and also the physical development.

Pushing and Pulling of Things:

Pushing things is always easier than pulling. The fact is not only for the child but for the adults too. Hence, to encourage this activity, grasp your child’s attention and make them imitate your actions. Try to pull some objects and seek the help of your child. You can make use of toys with lights and sounds to make them attentive and happy.

Throwing and Catching Ball:

Throwing and catching the ball is a bit difficult for a toddler. However, to give it a try, you can initially make them play with rolling ball. Take a soft big ball and make them play with it. Gradually, try to throw the ball at them with a bounce to enable them to catch it. With successive failed attempts your child will soon be able to hold the ball and enjoy the game.

Hence, with all these activities, you will encourage the physical development of your child without any hassle and with complete joy! [Also Read: Signs that your child has worm in stomach]

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