How to deal with your newborn baby’s ear infection

How to deal with your newborn baby's ear infection

Babies often become an easy victim of ear infections. If the baby cries a lot and pricks a finger inside his ear and show up a little temperature all these might be the signs of ear infection. It is a painful state for a child to be in, as it causes inflammation and irritation in the middle ear.

The infection takes place inside eustachian tube connecting ear, nose and throat. However, it doesn’t cause any hearing problem to the child in long run. It might take a week or two as the fluid gets collected behind the eardrums causing swelling.

Symptoms of ear infection:

A child can’t convey the amount of pain he is going through in words but can show us some signs to suggest what is troubling him.

1.Battling with ear
2.Excessive crying
3.Fluid coming out of ear
4.Mild body temperature
5.Inability to sleep

How to cure ear infection?

Pour some warm oil: Pouring some drops of lukewarm oil inside the ear. You can use a slightly warm olive oil or sesame oil to treat the same. It will provide a temporary relief to your child. (Also read: Baby teething symptoms and know how to treat them)

Press some warm cloth against the ear: Putting a warm cloth and pressing the ear with the same will provide some kind of a relief to the ear.

Keep your baby hydrated: Provide enough fluids to your child to keep his body hydrated. It might lead to getting the fluid come out of the ear properly.

Antibiotics are not always the solution: Though antibiotics might provide an immediate relief to the baby but they are not good for them at a tender age. The bacteria might become resistant to the antibiotics you give to your little ones and they might face trouble curing them in future. There are certain side effects of antibiotics like vomiting, skin allergy, diarrhoea, which can worsen the situation.

How to prevent ear infections?

This is usually an unavoidable state and is common amongst children till the age of 3 years or even more. We can always take up measures to ensure that it doesn’t take place often enough and trouble your baby.

Breastfeeding is healthy: Breastfeeding is necessary for the child until 6 months to ensure the better health of both the infant and the mother. It also provides enough nourishment to the child in order to keep him away from such infections. Mother’s milk blesses child immunity and helps him to stay healthy.

Maintain proper hygiene: Always wash your hands or sanitise before lifting up your baby. Try to keep him safe from the people suffering from cold or flu. Also, it is necessary to maintain the hygiene of the baby to reduce the attacks of bacteria and virus.

Place the bottle properly: It is an old school notion, that if the angle of laying child and the bottle is indifferent, it would lead to flowing of fluid from his ear. Paying heed to same, place the bottle in a proper position and don’t let the child practice bottle propping. Hold it properly until the time your baby is under the process of getting fed.

Vaccinations: Immediately after the birth of the child, ensure the vaccines he should take for his better health.

Avoid passive smoking: Don’t smoke near or around your child. It is not healthy not just for ear infections but for the overall growth of the child.

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