How to connect emotionally with your baby

How to connect emotionally with your baby

The relationship between parents and the child is a unique one. The beauty of this relationship is based on unconditional love. However, love is not enough to connect with your child emotionally. A child needs to have trust in his or her parents as well. The emotional connection is important as it helps the child to feel comfortable in telling anything to the parents. The emotional bond helps the child to feel empowered with the love of the parents. Most parents feel clueless about what is the right way to connect with the child. Every child is unique but there are few ways that can help you to connect with your child emotionally. (Also read: Which diaper is best for your baby cloth diaper or disposable diaper)

How to connect emotionally with your baby?

Take out some playing time

Playing with your child not just helps him or her to feel happy, it also creates a bond of love and affection. Despite your busy routine and struggles of daily life, you should never miss out a chance to develop an every lasting emotional bond with the child.

Take interest in the child’s activities 

Every day your child learns something new about the world. However, it might always be a good thing. So, if you take interest in your child’s activities you will get to know more about his emotional state. The child too will feel happy that his or her parents are always interested in his or her activities. (Also read: Why do baby cry right after the birth)

Spend some alone time

Some kids are apple of mommy’s eye or papa’s angel. This happens when you take out the child to spend some alone time with you. You must spend time with your child individually and as a team as well. This helps the child to confide in you about the fears and problems.

Don’t expose him or her to technology

Many parents make the mistake of handing over a smartphone or a laptop to the child to keep him or her busy. However, this is a wrong practice as it makes the child isolated from his or her own parents. As a result, you miss out on wonderful opportunities to share the love of your child.

Understand the emotions

Just because a child is young doesn’t mean you’ll not respect his or her emotions. An emotional connection is a two-way street. To gain the emotional bond with the child, you have to give equal importance to his or her emotions as well. (Also read: What are ways that can help you to keep up with the twins)

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