How garlic is beneficial for baby’s health

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how garlic is benefit for babys health

Children are more prone to infections, diseases and other health issues, as their immune system is in developing stage. The growing children need extra care and attention as they are very sensitive. They need nutritious food as their body is developing and nutrients play an important role in development. In this regard, parents should feed food to children which boost their immunity. Moreover, some parents feed antibiotics to their children, but it has side effects. If you add garlic to your baby’s meal it may improve their immune system. Garlic contains an element called Allicin which helps in protecting the infant from infection and also provides relief from many health problems. (Also read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Almond Milk To Babies)

Let’s know how garlic is beneficial for the baby’s health.

Provide relief from ear pain
Ear pain is one of the most common problems among children. In this case, if you add garlic to their food it can be effective. Garlic has antifungal and antiviral properties which provide relief from pain. It works like an instant reliever.

Reduces stomach problems
Garlic is a herb that destroys the bad bacteria from the stomach and also reduces the risk of infection. In this case, add garlic to your baby’s food so that they can avoid problems like constipation, diarrhoea, acidity. (Also read: What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Loss Of Appetite In Babies)

For eye infection
Infections in the eyes of the infants are very common. In this case, vitamins C, Selenium and Quercetin in garlic protect the child from the eye infection and also provides relief from burning and inflammation.

For skin rashes
Garlic works as a skin cleanser and it also contains anti-bacterial properties which reduce the rashes on your child’s skin and also helps to reduce the itching caused by it.

Digestion improves
Babies digestion system is a little weak. In this regard, adding garlic to their diet helps to improve your baby’s digestion because it has antimicrobial properties that strengthen digestion power. (Also read: Few Parenting Tips Which Will Help You In Raising Your Children Well)


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