How far home remedies work good for kids and when should parents stop using them

How far home remedies work good for kids and when should parents stop using it

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We all think ourselves to be first-hand doctors and try to treat the various problems and infections our kids undergo at home only. With so much of experience and hearsay to what people say about various small allergies and infections, we usually do not find it appropriate to rush to doctor every time. Thus, we have a common treatment which we have been following since ages and we try that on our kids too. Home remedies, though usually do not have side effects on the kids, are safe until the time and situation are not too intense. In case, the condition of the child is grave, you must not experiment home remedies on the little ones. You must take them to the doctor immediately to avoid any complications. (Also read: How to make your child more creative by diverting their minds from toys)

How far home remedies work good for kids and when should parents stop using it?

Home remedies do not cure or treat the problem from the roots. It can provide a first-hand relief to the newborn baby or the person who is using some home remedy. Until the situation isn’t too grave, a home remedy can deal with the problem. It helps to soothe the problem before you reach out for the actual treatment. However, if the situation is too serious, it is not advisable to rely on any kind of home remedy. One should immediately consult a doctor in order to prevent any mishappening.

It worked well in the ancient time when people lacked the medical facilities, so home remedy was the only option for them. However, now science has progressed this much, that an unnecessary pain and torture to the body is not advisable. There are some minor infections like common cold, fever, cough, redness of eyes etc. that can be treated at home with some magical home remedies. However, 104-degree Celcius body temperature, rashes on the skin, shortness of breath, excess vomiting etc. need to be addressed to doctor. (Also read: What are the important tips for bathing your baby during winters)

Though home remedies can be helpful to an extent but keeping a complete faith only in them, might make you lose the baby forever. Though medical science also does not assure 100% safety to the life, one can rely on them more than home remedies. In case you feel, the condition of your child is going uncontrollable, you must not waste your time by waiting for a home remedy to work. It is a slow process and can not treat a problem completely. So, medical accessibility is one thing you should always look out for. (Also read: What are the healthy food items for a seven month old baby)

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