How Does A Heater Or A Blower Can Affect Your Baby

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As winter is here, you must be trying many ways to make your baby feel warm during this time. You may not know when the baby will feel too cold and when he will feel suffocated because of extra layers of his clothes and blankets. So, many of us use a blower or a heater in your little one’s room, just to keep him/her warm during winters. But have you ever thought that these blowers or room heaters can be harmful to the baby? Yes! It has various side effects to the baby. Have a look at the following and know about these side effects. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Can Feed Your Baby With While You Stop Breastfeeding)

The nasal passage dries up:
If you use a blower or a heater in the baby’s room, it may dry up the nasal passage of the baby. When this happens, our body is prone to get infections as the baby’s immune system is not yet strong enough. Moreover, using a blower may trigger the bacterial interference in baby’s body more if he has a cold or flu.

The room may become too warm:
Heaters can make the room too warm and it may hamper the respiratory system of the baby. Other than that, your baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, this might lead to rashes and uneasiness on baby’s skin. Your baby has just born and he/she needs fresh air, more than this warm suffocated air that comes from the heater. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Baby)

Skin burns:
Your baby might reach the blower and burn his/her hand. Babies are quite curious and you can’t leave them alone with a heater in the room. Like that, your baby or toddler may reach to the machine and can put the hand on it. Thus considering the safety of the baby, one must not use a heater in the baby’s room. Or make sure you are along with the baby while teh heater is on.

Fluctuation of the temperature:
When the temperature rises because of using the heater, automatically the room temperature mismatches with the outside temperature. You can not keep the blower on for the entire day. Hence, your baby’s body will experience the extreme warmth and then extreme coldness, this may shrink the immunity of the baby and he/she is at the higher risk of catching infections at this time. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Babies)

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