Healthy weight: How to maintain weight in children

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Ways to maintain weight in children

Healthy weight: Ways to maintain weight of children

Everyone likes the chubby chicks of children as they look cute. But the chubby chicks may be the symptom of obesity and overweight. The obesity and overweight in children caused by genetic reason, easy access to fatty food that is also low in nutrition and less access to parks as well as playgrounds. Parents must be extra cautious about the health of children and take every possible measure to maintain the weight in children. In this regard, parents must be aware of measures that keep the children healthy and maintain overweight. (Also read: Child hair growth: Home remedies to grow child’s hair easily)

Healthy weight: ways to maintain weight in children.

  • Be supportive
  • Encourage healthy eating habits
  • Restrict calorie-rich temptations
  • Have at least one family meal every day
  • Designate time for physical activity daily
  1. Be supportive
    Talk to your children regard and also allow them to share their concern. Apart from this, never criticize children because their self-image is influenced by the feeling and opinion of parents.
  2. Encourage healthy eating habits
    To encourage children for healthy eating, involve them in buying grocery and cooking. This will develop their interest in healthy food. (Also read: Food Combination: What food combinations are really bad for the child)
  3. Restrict calorie-rich temptations
    Always discuss with them about the difference between healthy and junk food. Apart from this, also limit soft and packaged foods such as chocolates, chips and ice cream.
  4. Have at least one family meal every day
    At least have one meal with your child. The children who eat with their parents consume more fruit and vegetables. The consumption of more fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of overweight.
  5. Designate time for physical activity daily

    Designate time for children's physical activity
    Healthy weight: Designate time for children’s physical activity.

    Physical activity is very important for children. Designate at least 60 minutes for the physical activity of children. Include running, rope jumping, football and swimming.

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It is very important to maintain the weight in children. Moreover, if children adopt healthy habits early, it will help them to stay healthy and strong as well as keep many health related problem at bay. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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