What are the healthy food items for a seven month old baby

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What are the healthy food items for a seven month old baby

A 7 months old baby needs extra care and proper diet. We should not forget that we cannot still feed a seven months old baby with anything we like. We have to be careful before we feed them. Besides this, the seven-month-old baby also needs essential nutrients and minerals. Thus, we should make sure that whatever we make them eat, it should be loaded with nutrients. So, if you are a mother of a seven months old baby, then you must ensure that your baby is taking in a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Listed below are some of the food items that we should make a seven-year-old baby eat. (Also read: What are the essential winter care tips for a newborn baby)

What are the healthy food items for a seven-month-old baby?

Mashed fruits and vegetables: A seven-month-old baby struggles to have teeth. Thus, to ensure that he/she eats an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, we should mash the fruits and make them eat. Bananas, mangoes, peaches, sweet potatoes, potatoes etc. are some of the solids that can ensure nutrients in the body of the child. Besides this, they are also the healthy solids which are easy to digest.

Khichdi or cereals: Either cook a khichdi or make the cereals in milk to feed your baby. These are semi-solids and are full of nutritious value. You can feed the baby with the yoghurt and khichdi which is one of the healthiest meal for the baby. (Also read: Why does a baby cry while pooping)

Egg yolk: Eggs are one of the healthiest food items to make your baby feed with energy. Though egg is difficult to digest, make sure you only feed the baby with the yellow part of the egg, i.e. egg yolk. In order to make it more enriched, you can add capsicum and onion to the same. It not only boosts the immunity of the baby but also helps to make the brain of the baby strong.

Porridge or oats: Oats and porridge are one of the healthiest options to feed the baby. They contain essential nutrients and minerals which provides energy to the baby and helps in the development of the baby. You can add apples, bananas, strawberries etc. in the oatmeal. Besides this, you can add essential vegetables to the porridge to enhance its energy giving property.

Sweet potato: Like many other vegetables, sweet potato is one of the energies giving food to the baby. It is a good source of protein. In order to enrich the amount of protein in the body of the baby, one can also feed chicken to the baby. (Also read: What type of allergies a newborn baby is prone to get)

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