What causes acne in children and how to treat them

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what causes acne in children and how to treat them

The toddlers are very sensitive, so they need special care in every season. High temperature whether hot or cold both affect the child’s sensitive skin. Sometimes the acne appears on the skin of toddlers, especially during summer. These are of red colour and cause problems for children. These pimples cause more pain when exposed to hand or rough clothes. During this acne, you should treat children very carefully and take some precautions. (Also read: What Are The Tips You Should Follow While Travelling With Your Baby)

Let’s know the cause and essential precautions for acne that appears on children’s skin

Children get two types of acne

Children can have two types of acne. Neonatal is the one, which occurs in children up to 3 weeks. They are mostly on the skin of the face and do not hurt. Whereas acne due to infection occurs in children ages 4-5 months or more. They can be anywhere on their body and this acne can cause pain.

Keep children clean: Children mainly get acne due to bacteria, so keep your child clean and maintain hygiene. Use warm water to clean the baby so that the bacteria does not affect their skin. (Also read: Why jaggery consumption is beneficial for children’s health)

Do not apply lotions
Do not apply lotions on their skin. The lotions are harmful to their skin. Applying of lotion can cause more acne on the skin of children.

Do not scrub the skin
Children’s skin is sensitive so do not scrub their skin. It is very important to take precautionary measures while bathing them or during holding them.

Keep changing diapers
If you do not change the diapers for a long time, the skin remains confined for a long time. This increases the risk of acne and rashes on the skin, so keep changing the diapers of the children.

Dress comfortable clothes
Dress children in comfortable clothes. In the summer, dress them in cotton clothes, which do not produce heat and they do not sweat too much. (Also read: What are things to be taken care of before the child arrives at home)

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