Four Common Baby Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid

Four Common Baby Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid

It must be very challenging to put your baby off to sleep at night. Especially if your parenthood has just begun. It is the biggest challenge which everyone faces in their early parenthood. Next day morning you have to reach office by 9.00 AM and at night your baby is letting you roam around to calm down his cry. We understand your pain! (Also Read: Why Co-sleeping Is Extremely Beneficial For The Baby)

Hence, have some solutions to aware if you are making some common sleeping mistakes while trying sleeping your little one.

Having very high expectation:
First of all, you should understand that all babies are different and there are no set patterns babies follow. Waking up at night is absolutely normal. This happens with you too, then why becoming so impatience when it comes to your new born baby. Most of the babies are not be able to sleep throughout the night because of the hunger factor until the baby becomes three months or four months old. You have to feed the baby at night till it becomes 6 months old. Moreover, the baby does not realise night and day time. So, you should always set your expectations on a limited level.

Letting the baby sleep too late:
We understand that you want to spend more time with your baby because the entire time you spend in the office. So, do not get tempted to make your baby awake for a longer time. It would eventually make him flake out. Hence, for whatever reason do not make your baby awake, if he feels asleep then definitely let him sleep but if he does not even feel asleep then also try to let him sleep for reasonable hours at night. You should make a bedtime routine and maintain it. Do not wait when your baby yawns. Just try to make his regular sleeping timings. (Also Read: How to help your baby in having sound sleep at night?)

Rely on motions every time to let him sleep:
You might have noticed that your baby falls asleep when he travels in a car or lying on a swing. It helps you to provide a break, right? Let me tell you, it is not good for you and your baby. Relying on motion everytime will make a bad habit of your baby. After few days you will realise that you have to wake up middle of the night for rolling the swing or taking him for a walk to sleep. It’s fine to use motion to soothe your baby if he is upset. But remember, don not make it part of his regular bedtime routine.

Over-stimulate your baby before bedtime:
You may want to make your baby feel comfortable by putting your mobile on above his cot. But this colourful lightning may distract him to fall asleep. Watching them continuously will keep him awake rather than understanding its night time and he has to sleep. It is better to make your sleep in a dark room so that none of the lights makes him finicky. (Also Read: Baby Care: How to take care of your newborn baby)

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