Which foods you should serve to infants after they start self-eating

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foods serve infants start self eating

It is necessary for a six-month-old baby to start consuming nutritious food along with breast milk, for their growth and development. If your child has started self-eating then you need to be extra careful. Moreover, you should also serve them foods which are easy to eat and do not stuck in their throat. If any kind of food stuck in their food pipe then it possesses major risk for them, so you have to be always very careful. However, you should always be careful while serving them food especially when they start self-feeding. (Also read: What are things to be taken care of before the child arrives at home)

Let’s know which foods are served to children when they start self-eating:

Butter toast
Butter toast is an excellent food for infants. They will not feel any problem while swallowing the toast. Due to saliva, the toast becomes soft and easily dissolves in the mouth. You can serve this to your child without any worry.

Fruit consumption is beneficial for your child’s health. Fruits are the rich source of fibre which is beneficial for your children. Banana consumption is safe for your child because it is easy to swallow. As a precautionary measure, do not serve fruits with seed. (Also read: When Can The Baby Eat The Dairy Products)

Vegetables are very important for your child’s growth and development because they contain many nutrients. Serve them with boiled vegetables, so that they can easily swallow and gain the nutrition value.

The biscuit is made of the wheat flour and because of this, it completely dissolves in your baby’s mouth. It does not let your child feel uncomfortable.

Nuts contain many nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are beneficial for your baby’s health and also save them from the infection. But grind the nuts completely and give it to your child, otherwise, they will get stuck in their throat. (Also read: What Are The Best Ways to Wean Children Off Thumb Sucking Habit)

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