What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Baby

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What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To your Baby

You are always alert about your little baby’s weaning. Along with your breast milk, maybe this is the time for your baby to wean and get a taste of other semi-solid foods too. Congrats, for that super hectic six months from the birth of your little one, have passed. Many people will suggest you various things about weaning and nursing. Listen to everyone, but be a little smart to choose the right thing for the baby. First of all, consult with the paediatrician and jot down those super healthy weaning foods. If you think of trying something else, then beware that you do not include few ‘not-good’ food for the baby. Hence, have a look at the following and get an idea about those foods which you should avoid feeding your little one. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Babies)

Egg whites:
You may think that egg whites are high protein source and that is why your baby needs it. But let us tell you clearly that, these whites can be dangerous for your baby’s health if the baby is less than a year old. This white portion contains a lot of bacteria. These bacterias can lead to stomach upset and trigger other complications as well.

Raw Veggies:
Raw veggies are great for our health. But they are not good for your baby’s health. Veggies are a great source of various nutrients but providing them to your baby can create digestion problems and your baby may vomit by eating them. Although, some veggies like a potato can be given to the baby when he is almost a year old. But before that, it will be big ‘NO’.

Whole nuts:
We all know that nuts have a huge amount of fibre, vitamin E, and L-arginine. But, if you provide this to the little one, it can choke him badly. Moreover, the size of the nut can lead to oesophagus blockage which eventually chokes the baby. So, do not try to provide these to the baby. (Also Read: What Are The Things Most New Parents Do Wrong To Their Baby)

Fish is great for us. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is not necessary at this stage of your baby. Fish can even make your hair and skin glowing which is again not necessary for the little one. Moreover, some fish can be harmful as they trigger allergic reactions.

Honey can be dangerous for your baby surprisingly. It may have various health benefits and easy compounds but it can make your baby’s health worse. Moreover, it contains spores and other contaminants that can lead to infections in babies. (Also Read: What Is The Right Time To Brush Your Baby’s Teeth)

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