What Are The Foods You Can Provide Your Kids To Fall Asleep

What Are The Foods You Can Provide Your Kids To Fall Asleep

It is such a hectic task to make your little soldier fall asleep. No matter what the time is, your toddler loves to stay busy with his notorious activities and his super amazing toys. But, it is pretty much important to make your baby fall asleep for the sufficient hours. Sleeping makes toddlers grow better and their brain starts developing when they sleep. So, here are some foods we are going to talk about which will make your baby fall asleep soon. Moreover, these foods are riched with other healthy nutrients too. Hence, have a look and know about these foods. (Also Read: What Are The Common Myths About Newborn Baby Care)

When you are planning to make your child sleep, you should make him drink a glass of lukewarm milk. Milk has amino acid which makes kids sleep easily. Other than that, the calcium and magnesium present in milk make the baby feel warm inside. This process helps the baby fall asleep easily.

Bananas have a lot of magnesium. This compound makes the baby muscles relax well and invite a drowsiness in the baby’s body. So, you baby falls asleep after eating this. Moreover, bananas have melatonin which is a great compound to make you sleep better. (Also Read: How Does A Heater Or A Blower Can Affect Your Baby)

Oats are great to make your heart healthy. You can provide oats to your baby too. It has vitamins minerals in a very good amount. Not only this, oats can make your baby receive melatonin hormone which helps feel a little drowsy.

Spinach has various health benefits, especially for your baby. Spinach has a high amount of vitamin content which will make your baby stay healthy. Moreover, it has tryptophan which helps the little one to sleep better.

High carbohydrate and low protein foods:
These types of food help the human body to sleep more. Doctors suggest that the perfect combination of high carbohydrate and low protein foods leads to a satisfying and peaceful sleep. The effect is even better when high-carb foods, which contain tryptophan, are consumed as a light snack before bedtime. The best combinations include apples with peanut butter, whole wheat crackers and cheese, and cereal and milk. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Can Feed Your Baby With While You Stop Breastfeeding)

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