Food Combination: What food combinations are really bad for the child

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What food combinations are really bad for the child

Worst food combinations for a child

Children are very delicate, due to which they are more likely to get sick. They get the problem of indigestion very frequently, so it is important for them to consume a healthy diet. So that unsuitable foods can’t harm their health. Consumption of certain foods starts affecting the digestive system of children due to which the digestive system is unable to function well and the toxic substances begin to accumulate in the body. It is beneficial for the child to eat foods at different times but eating certain foods together can harm health. So let’s tell you about food combinations that children should not eat. (Also read: How to deal with a child who is a picky eater)

Food combinations that are really bad for the child

  • Cereal and Juice
  • Burgers and fries
  • Milk and banana
  • White bread and jelly
  • Milk and bread

Cereal and Juice
Every parent wants their child to be energetic throughout the day. That is why they try to combine the nutrients together to feed the childern. That’s why parents feed children cereal and juice in breakfast. Although both of these can be harmful to health. Because of the carbohydrate present in the cereals, the citrus juice slows down the activity of the enzyme.  (Also read: Healthy Habits: Tips to help your children develop healthy habits)

Burgers and fries

Worst food combinations for a child
Burgers and fries are one of the worst food combinations for a child

Children like to eat burgers and fries. But it is harmful to them because both are deep fries are used to reduce blood sugar levels. So do not eat both at the same time.  (Also read: Baby Weaning Foods: How To Make Your Baby Eat Vegetables)

Milk and banana

The Worst food combinations for a child
Bananas and milk are one of the worst food combinations for a child

Both milk and banana contain ample nutrients. Keep in mind that these two should not be taken together by the child because it makes them sleepy. (Also read: Oats For Babies: What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Oats To The Babies)

White bread and jelly
The kids often eat the bread and jelly for breakfast often. There is a sufficient amount of carbohydrate in it. However, because of this, the intake of blood sugar increases, due to which the body of the child has to work more to make insulin. (Also Read: Chocolate For Babies: When Can You Give Chocolate To The Baby)

Milk and bread
Feeding the baby milk and bread is often done by parents. Milk intake is beneficial for the development of the child, but the consumption of yeast with milk can cause the child to have gas problems.

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To keep children healthy, it is better to not consume some food combinations. Read this article in Hindi as well.

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