What are the essential winter care tips for a newborn baby

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What are the essential winter care tips for a newborn baby

A newborn baby needs warmth and comfort to feel safe. Especially during winters, when there is so much cold outside, you must try to provide that extra care to your little one. You must try to keep your baby warm so that he doesn’t catch any virus or bacterial infection. Problems like fever, stuffed nose, cold, cough etc. are very common during the winters. A newborn baby has weak body immunity and thus there is a lot of need to protect them from the harsh weather. Besides this, the newborn baby also faces the problem of breathing during the winters. Thus, being parents, it becomes your duty to protect your child and give them a safe environment during winters. (Also read: Why does a baby cry while pooping)

What are the essential winter care tips for a newborn baby?

  • You must take your child for a complete check-up, just when the winters are about to start.
  • Make sure you breastfeed your newborn baby during the winters, it helps to build up their immunity and keep them warm and safe.
  • Make your baby wear adequate amount of clothes in order to protect him from the cold temperature. Right from cap, socks, warmers and sweaters, your baby must be completely covered in extreme winters. But don’t overdo and make the baby uncomfortable.
  • Besides this, while you take your baby for bathing, you must maintain the temperature of the room and the bathroom to ensure there is no rise and fall in the level of temperature that might be extreme. (Also read: What type of allergies a newborn baby is prone to get)
  • Water should be warm but should not be too hot. It will affect the skin of the baby in an adverse manner. Don’t use too much hot water to bath the baby.
  • One should give a properly nourished and balanced diet to their newborn baby. If you breastfeed your baby, then you should also take adequate amount of nutrients to ensure the growth and development of the baby.
  • Those who have already caught the infection of common cold should stay away from the baby. Babies have low immunity and thus are more prone to catch infection easily.
  • When it’s sunny outside, you must make your baby spend some time in the Sun. It will help the baby to grow and develop physically.
  • Keep the body of the baby well moisturised and apply a gentle baby cream and hair oil to avoid dryness.
  • Keep the record of the vaccinations and don’t skip any of them. (Also read: How to help your baby to sit independently)
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