Essential Skin Care Tips For Your Newborn Baby

Essential Skin Care Tips For Your Newborn Baby

The nine months wait is over and your sweet child is in your arms. The skin of a newborn baby is delicate and requires proper nourishment. Thus, you have to keep in mind that the baby should not get exposed to chemicals and other products which are harmful.

You can see that your baby has wrinkled skin but do not worry! As it is the natural skin and will peel off naturally in a couple of days. You need to take intense care of the skin which was underlying that wrinkled one and is now a new skin. There are some major skin care tips for your baby which you must follow for his or her healthy development.

No frequent baths:

Please note that newborn babies are very delicate and possess low immunity. It is you who has to make their immunity strong. You should not give them frequent baths for at least initial one year because there are some natural oils which are present in their skin which protects it and regular baths may remove those oils. Sponging or giving bath 2-3 times in a week is sufficient.

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Wash those cute small clothes:

Those sweet small clothes of your kid must be washed before wearing. Do not use any harsh detergent powder or chemical for washing them. Wash the clothes of your tender one separately to avoid germs.

Say ‘No’ to scented products:

Products like soap, lotion, oil and wipes must not contain scent. There are some of these products available in the market which have strong fragrance due to the presence of chemicals and artificial flavours. You must not use these products as they may give skin rashes and irritation to your child.

5 Must And Basic Skin Care Tips For Your Baby

Change diapers frequently:

One diaper used for a prolonged time causes redness and rashes to the skin due to wetness. It is recommended to change the diaper of baby frequently to avoid such problems.

Avoid direct sunlight:

The scorching sunlight is harmful to your newborn child, especially during noon time. Babies cannot tolerate the intense heat caused by direct sun rays. Try not to take your baby out at the time when sunlight is at its peak.

You should not use scented and cosmetic products which contain harmful chemicals. Give preference to cotton clothes and while winters crosscheck on the type of woollen clothes you are opting.

Therefore, your tender child requires you to take care of it very delicately. It is only initial six months which can give your child a good skin, great immunity and amazing health. At this time you have to take proper steps to nurture the development of your child.

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