Essential Hygiene Tips For Your Newborn Baby

Essential Hygiene Tips For Your Newborn Baby

When you get into the phase of parenthood, consciousness is usual this time. You want to provide every possible care and hygienic to the little one. Your doctor may also tell you to maintain a basic hygiene to keep the diseases away from him. Also, apart from the basic cleanliness, you need to be attentive in keeping your baby away from harmful infections too. But it can be a bit difficult for you to maintain and take care of everything to make the baby stay safe.  Hence, we are going to discuss some essential hygiene tips for your baby. Hope this helps.

Wash hands before carrying the baby:
This is the most important point which you always need to keep in your mind. Whenever you have to touch the baby after coming from outside always wash your hands with an antibacterial handwash. Also, you can use a hand sanitizer to kill the germs. By chance, if you suffer from infections like colds, diarrhoea etc, it’s better to stay away from the baby.

Essential Hygiene Tips For Your Newborn Baby

Clean his ears regularly:
Do not forget to check the baby’s ears every day. There are very high possibility of having ear infection appears if you bath your baby regularly. Soap, mucus, water can make those delicate ears infections. That is why you have to clean his ears every day. If you see any chances of infection comes up, immediately consult to your paediatrician.

Look after his diaper:
When it comes to maintaining the baby’s hygiene, the diaper hygiene comes first in the mind. Always remember, you should not let the baby wear a diaper for more than two hours. It may harm his skin and there are chances to get rashes to his back. After changing the diaper always wash his bottom with baby wipes. Then apply some baby powder to keep him dry and comfortable.

Nailcare of the baby:
Do you know your baby’s nails also contain bacteria? For that, you have to be a little bit conscious. Your baby also needs a mini home manicure. Always cut his extra nails if you think nails can scratch his face. The best time to trim his nails is when he is sleeping. You will find no disturbance to do your work, but otherwise, the baby would not allow you to do so.

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