How to end screen time without tears and struggle

How to end screen time without tears and struggle

When it comes to the addiction to the smartphone and computers, the childern are not left behind. They become completely dependent on the screen of any electronic devices, so when you try to take it away it simply leads to a struggle. No parent wants to see the child unhappy or angry, but excessive screen time can be harmful to the eyes of little kids. However, kids really have a hard time letting go of the adventure word available on the screen. Thus, there is an urgent need to find out the right way to control the screen time of the child and making them let go it. (Also read: What Are The Best Ways to Wean Children Off Thumb Sucking Habit)

Have fixed timing for the screen time
Instead of letting the child use the screen time anytime he or she wants, make rules. Simply sit down with your child and explain that they are allowed to use the smartphones or any other device for a certain time.

Plan activities after the screen time
The main reason that the childern get addicted to the virtual world is due to its appeal. It is full of vibrant stuff and has multiple options. So, instead of simply taking away the devices, make their time away exciting and enjoyable. (Also read: What are the health benefits of feeding spinach to the child)

Don’t break it off at once
When you use force to get childern away from the screen time, then they can turn angry. Instead of that engage them in a conversation. Ask them about what they are doing, what is it that they find so interesting. This will help them to get out of the zone of the virtual world. Then, you can slowly ask them to turn it off and join you for some other activity.

Don’t use fear
When you start to use fear as a parenting technique, then you must know that it is a temporary solution. So, make sure you are not treating your child in any wrong manner.

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