Easy Steps To Guide Your Baby How To Crawl

Steps to teach your baby how to crawl

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With toddlers, every new step is a new milestone. Crawling is one of the major achievements for the little one. It is important to keep few major factors in mind to ensure that your child has a comfortable time crawling. Generally, toddlers between the age of 6 to 10 months begin learning how to crawl. However, if your child is not there yet, then there is no need to worry. With few simple steps and methods, you can help him to achieve this milestone and help him to move forward with his motor skills.

Children who have obesity find it hard to take the step forward towards crawling. However, you don’t need to be stressed as here are the few steps that will help your little one to learn how to crawl. [Also read: Tips To Change Bottle Feeding Habit In Toddlers]

Teach them to turn to stomach for lying down
For crawling, it is important that baby should have strong muscles in the stomach area. Teach your little one to lie on the stomach and play. This will help the child to develop an interest in crawling. Also, it will help him in developing stronger muscles in the stomach area.

Help him to sit for muscle development
Sitting up is the first step to develop baby’s interest in crawling. Help him or her in sitting, till he learns to do it on his own. Use your hands to support his back and head, so that when he crawls he can keep his head up.

Find a safe space
Toddlers require special attention when are learning how to crawl. The place should be safe and with a soft surface. So, that they don’t feel uncomfortable while crawling. [Also read: Tips To Make Your Baby Stay Comfortable During Summer]

Lie him down on the surface
To make sure that your toddler is comfortable with the surface, put him down. Let the little one get comfortable with the surroundings.

Motivate him
Babies are curious about the things that around them. You can use this for motivation. Keep their favourite toy out of their reach, so that they have to find a way to reach it. This will help them to crawl towards their objective.

Crawl with them
When you are setting an example, babies feel excited about imitating it. If you crawl with them, they will copy your movements out of curiosity.

All these simple steps can help your little one to achieve the major milestone in the growing years. [Also read: How to treat the most common diseases in new born babies]

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