How to deal with a child who is a picky eater

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Amazing Tips for making a picky eater eat

Tips for making a picky eater eat (PC:

It is important to make sure that your baby is eating the food in right way for his/her healthy growth. However, it is not always easy as many times the kids throw tantrums when it comes to eating. That is why these kids are known as the picky eaters. In such a situation, parents should adopt many ways to take initiative so that their children enjoy healthy foods. It is not an easy thing to do as kids try to resist the food at once, but when you know of the right tricks and ways you can make your child eat right. (Also read: Healthy Habits: Tips to help your children develop healthy habits)

Tips for making a picky eater eat

  • Take care of the baby appetite
  • Make a routine
  • Keep the hurdles away
  • Try to make eating fun
  • Make their favourite foods

Take care of the baby appetite
If your child is not hungry, then do not force him/her to eat something. Don’t try to feed excessively as it is bad for the child. Due to excessive eating, the child may have problems related to stomach. So, make sure your child has the appetite before you feed him or her.  (Also read: Baby Weaning Foods: How To Make Your Baby Eat Vegetables)

Make a routine

deal with a child who is a picky eater
Picky eater: Make a routine to feed the child

Schedule the time for healthy snacks and feed them to the baby at the same time every day. If your child does not have lunch, then just make use of snacks that are rich in nutrients that are beneficial for his body. You can use milk or juice as a snack. (Also read: Oats For Babies: What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Oats To The Babies)

Keep the hurdles away
Keep them away from any kind of obstacle at the time of the meal of the children. Turn off the TV and turn off the phone or any other electronic gadget. This helps the child to focus on food. Kids often avoid eating when they are engaged in other activities. (Also Read: Chocolate For Babies: When Can You Give Chocolate To The Baby)

Try to make eating fun
If your child is having trouble eating too much, then try to get him or her consume nutritious food items in form of a game. You can provide the food items in different shapes. Make designs out of food items to feed the kid.  (Also Read: Which Healthy Foods You Should Provide To Your Baby While Teething)

Make their favourite foods
If the child wants to consume foods rich in nutrients, then make their favourite foods at home, in which you can add nutrients. This will make him/her happy.

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So, just make the eating time fun for your child. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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