What Are The Common Myths About Newborn Baby Care

What Are The Common Myths about Newborn Baby Care

When a baby borns, we become extra conscious to make him stay comfortable. Babies are the happiness of the house, that is why many people will advise you a lot of things to be taken care of. But when it comes to care for your newborn, you feel scared and try every possible way to keep your little one healthy and fit. But, do you know there are a lot of babycare myths which we need to stop believing? The most horrifying thing is, most of us do not even know these are all myths and we still follow all the things blindly. Hence, here we are talking about these common myths to help you to raise your baby healthy. Have a look. (Also Read: How Does A Heater Or A Blower Can Affect Your Baby)

Myth 1: Oil massage is important for the baby:
Many Indian parents believe that oil massage is very important for the baby. When a baby borns, the oil glands of the baby do not develop for at least 6 months. So, there is no point in putting oil to his body. Some parents even expose the baby to the sunlight just to their body soak the oil. This process is not right. This can lead to many skin problems for the newborn baby.

Myth 2: When the baby cries for the long time he gets tired:
Parents think that when the newborn cries, he gets tired. But that’s not true. Crying makes your baby’s heart and lungs strong. When the baby cries, it actually makes their respiratory system better. It is kind of a practice which makes the baby stronger. So, do not worry parents. Let your baby cry a bit. Do not get overprotective when the little one cries. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Can Feed Your Baby With While You Stop Breastfeeding)

Myth 3: Sunbathing makes the bones stronger:
The way your body needs sunbath, your baby does not. This can make your baby get sunstroke too. In India, the intensity of the Sunlight is too intense which can lead to skin diseases to your little baby’s skin.

Baby walker helps them to walk:
If you want to make your baby walk better do not let your baby walk through a walker. It makes your baby’s feet twisted which can harm him. Other than that, these walkers are unstoppable if the baby is moving. So, this can make those tiny legs ache. Hence, try to make his walk by holding their hands only. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Baby)

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