What causes a gas problem in babies and how to help them

What causes a gas problem in babies and how to help them

The problem of gas is quite common in adults as well as babies. It is painful, annoying and causes a lot of inconveniences. A gastric problem in babies troubles them so much that they crib a lot and become fussy. Being tiny tots, they can’t even vocally express their problem. All they can is to cry and try to make us understand that they are in trouble. The gastric problem causes bloating, irritation of the stomach, acid problem. The stomach of the baby gets inflated with air so much so that it results in making them uncomfortable. Being too little to realise the reason, babies cry and undergoes the problem of indigestion. Let’s find out how we can help the baby to get rid of the gas problem and what causes a gas problem. (Also read: What are the various superfoods that one must include in a newborn baby’s diet)

What causes a gas problem in babies?

Drinking milk quickly: When the baby sucks the milk from the bottles, the air also gets inside the stomach of the baby. Excess flow of milk and that too quickly leads to the problem of the inflated stomach which causes pain. Even while breastfeeding at times the baby gulps the milk so fastly that it causes bloating in the stomach.

Drinking milk slowly: At times the baby sucks the milk from the bottle too slowly that it causes the flow of air inside the stomach of the baby. It thus leads to gas pain. (Also read: How far home remedies work good for kids and when should parents stop using them)

Too much crying: While the baby cries excessively it leads to swallowing of air inside the baby’s stomach. Thus, too much crying leads to the problem of gas in the baby.

Eating formula food: If the baby is taking the powdered milk then there are some air bubbles in the food. When the baby consumes that food, it often leads to the problem of gas.

How to help the baby to get rid of the gas problem?

Swaddle the baby: It is necessary to swaddle the baby by wrapping them around the cloth. It helps to make them feel cosy and helps in normal functioning of the body.

Help them to take a burp: Help your little baby to take a burp in order to release the gas present in the stomach. So hold them by your shoulder and pat them on the back. It will help the baby to take a burp.

Use a pacifier: Pacifier helps the baby to get rid of the excess gas in the stomach. It helps to release the endorphins that help to provide relief to the baby.

Massage the belly of the baby: Massage the belly of the baby gently in order to help them release the gas properly. (Also read: How to make your child more creative by diverting their minds from toys)

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