What are the causes of constipation in newborn and how it can be treated

What are the causes of constipation in newborn babies and how can it be treated

Constipation is common in newborn babies. Usually, they only feed on breast milk or some artificial form of milk powder. The lack of fibre intake leads to the problem of constipation. Sometimes the baby also suffers a lot with excessive loose motions it eventually leads to constipation. In fact, the consumption of dairy products by mother leads to constipation in a newborn baby. A baby who is below 6 months of age, if he/she suffers from constipation, then you should consult a doctor. So, let’s find out how can we deal with the problem of constipation in babies. (Also read: How to clear baby’s nose easily)

What are the signs that the baby is suffering from constipation?
There are many signs that show the problem of constipation in babies. Listed below are the few common causes:

  1. Baby crying a lot while pooping
  2. If the baby has a hard belly.
  3. If the poop smells usually bad.
  4. Rashes or tear marks around anus due to the constipated stool. It pains a lot and makes the baby cry a lot. (Also read: Four Common Baby Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid)

What should be done if the baby is suffering from constipation?
The other should try to change the milk formula of the baby. Even the mother should try to incorporate fibrous food in her diet in order to combat constipation in the baby. Besides this start giving your baby some solid food, after consulting a doctor. This will surely help to get rid of the problem of constipation. The mother should take a good care of her diet if she is feeding the child. Moreover, start including pears, broccoli etc. in the diet in order to get rid of the problem. Make sure that your baby is well hydrated, so include juices and water in the diet of the baby.

However, you should try to massage the belly of the child properly to ensure the proper bowel movement. In fact, try to make your baby exercise a bit. Newborn babies keep lying on the bed all the time, which eventually makes tough to digest the food and to excrete out. But before taking any action or change in the diet, it is recommended to consult the doctor and be sure of what you are doing. (Also read: Easy Steps To Guide Your Baby How To Crawl)

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