Benefits of rice water: How rice water is beneficial for toddlers

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Rice water delivers many health benefits to toddler

Benefits of rice water: Rice water is beneficial for children

Rice is widely consumed across the country. Consumption of rice is beneficial for the health. Similarly, the water left after boiling rice deliver the same benefits. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the fact the rice water is beneficial for the health they and waste the same water. The consumption of rice prevents many diseases in young as well as in toddlers. Rice water provide adequate energy and nutrients required by the body to function properly. If you feed the rice water to toddlers they will get sufficient energy. Parents must be aware of the benefits of rice water for children. (Also read: Food Combination: What food combinations are really bad for the child)

Benefits of rice water: Let’s benefits of rice water toddlers.

  • Prevent diarrhoea
  • The adequate amount of Vitamin B deficiency
  • Provide energy
  • Recipe for rice water
  1. Prevent diarrhoea
    Rice water improves bowel movement and helps in preventing diarrhoea. It contains the adequate amount of carbohydrate which is beneficial to keep the problem of diarrhoea at bay. Moreover, it also provides energy. (Also read: How does bread consumption affect the body during diarrhoea)
  2. The adequate amount of vitamin B
    Rice water contain adequate amount of Vitamin B
    Benefits of rice water: Feeding rice water to kids fulfil the requirement of vitamin B in children.

    Rice water contains the adequate amount of riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6. These nutrients convert food into energy in the body. Feeding rice water to toddlers helps in reducing weakness.

  3. Provide energy
    There is sufficient amount of carbohydrate in rice water which is a good source of energy. Therefore, feeding rice water to toddler reduce fatigue in children and fulfil the requirement of nutrients.
  4. Recipe for rice water
  • Boil the rice in water.
  • Filter rice and put rice water in a container.
  • Once the rice water cools down, feed it to children by adding salt or honey.
  • For better results, feed 1-2 cups of rice water to children.

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Rice water is beneficial for the toddler as it delivers numerous health benefits. Moreover, it also prevents the problem of diarrhoea. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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