What are the benefits of feeding papaya to babies

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benefits feeding papaya babies

The healthy food is very important for babies. The nutrients and vitamins supplied by the healthy food play a vital role in the growth and development of the babies. The parents may feel anxious while feeding to babies as they are not aware of the right nutritious food. Moreover, the nutritious and healthy food is also important for babies as they are very sensitive and unhealthy food may be harmful to them. There are plenty of nutritious food which you can feed to babies once they start. One of the nutritious food is papaya which provides numerous health benefits to babies. The papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, a fibre that can work wonders for babies. (Also read: Which exercise make children strong)

Let’s know about benefits of papaya for babies:

Improves Digestion
Feeding papaya to babies is very beneficial for improving their digestion system. The papaya contains an enzyme know papain, which breaks down complex food structures. The regular feeding of papaya can improve their digestion.

Boosts Immunity
The baby’s immune system is not strong as that adult as it still developing. The babies are more prone to getting infections. The feeding papaya to improves immunity as it contains vitamin C. The vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps in strengthening the immune system and keeps many diseases at bay. (Also read: What causes acne in children and how to treat them)

Protects the skin
As there is vitamin E in papaya, there are anti-bacterial properties which protect the skin of the child, so for the healthy skin of it is beneficial to feed papaya to babies.

Cures Constipation
The papaya is very beneficial to ease the problem of constipation. The papaya is the rich source of fibre, which regulates the bowel movement. If your baby is also suffering from constipation then feed 2-3 ounce of mashed papaya twice a day.

Do not feed children more than half a cup of papaya as it may cause stomach ache. (Also read: What Are The Tips You Should Follow While Travelling With Your Baby)

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